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The GMTP is a grass roots, music teacher-lead enterprise aimed at extending guitar teacher professionalism. Fundamental to our notion of guitar master teacher is the view that guitar teachers better professionalize their teaching by expanding their knowledge of playing the instrument through exploring differences, as well as significant intersections and commonalties, between different pedagogical and methodological approaches to teaching, which derive from different music cultures.

Moreover, the concept of Master Teacher aims to interrupt the limiting notion that guitar teachers do not require educational training to support and elevate their performing knowledge. We seek to blur the boundaries between this misleading split between guitar playing and educational knowledge by presenting guitar-specific subjects along with educational, research, and reflexive approaches. Owing to this, our vision envisages private guitar teachers who, as reflexive practitioners, are informed by the research literature as well as able to position their practical enquiry and intuitive teaching craft in the knowledge base.

Nevertheless, we contrast what we believe to be a seemingly false dichotomy between teaching and performing, and we support the view that each subject enhances the other for placing it in a wider perspective. By extension, we take the stand that teacher training is essential to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to launch and maintain a successful teaching career.

At the hearth of the GMTP lies the vision to support teachers in their need to acquire the skills that distinguish a guitar teacher from a master guitar teacher. While the former my posses expertize in curricular content and have developed intuitive teaching skills, the latter are also capable to understand the rational behind the content they teach and analyse, warrant, and argue their teaching insights and decisions methodologically, presenting sound evidence.

Furthermore, our central aim is to construct a course that aims to bring together different teaching experts, creating a transformative force within the private music teaching sector: a sector widely recognised as the depository of the highest specialized knowledge in music teaching across cultures, worldwide. However, although teachers in the private sector are driven by a direction in teaching that differs from the role held in public education, too often guitar teachers who operate in this sector don’t fully appreciate their specialized role, and perceive it subordinated to that of a generic, classroom music teacher.

To this end, the music private teacher’s status (unlike other specialised professions) is often degraded for not being subject to teacher training. To this end, a teacher training program designed with the private teacher in mind is not commonly at disposal. The lack of a comprehensive road map to career development and qualification presents disadvantages to music teachers as they embark on a highly specialized and competitive profession without the required teaching expertize and professional management to support the ambition for a long term career.

In this scenario, private guitar teachers can either withdraw into scepticism, intellectual fossilization, or take matters in their hands and attend a course designed to advance them on their career. To this end, the GMTP responds to the demands and expectations of aspiring teachers who seek a professional guitar teacher training that adapts around the skills they need in order to create a significant impact on their career and to stand out in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving profession.

In many respects, we believe that joining the program will represent the turning point for a teacher. For transitioning from being an improvised teacher to becoming the best teacher one can be, engaging with a broad range of knowledge on education, and engaging with experts in the profession will produce the building blocks that elevates a teacher effectiveness to the highest standards. An interest in teaching, after all, is fundamental; but alone is not enough for advancing one’s career and avoid the pitfall and risks of trial and error.

All members of the GMTP team are musicians and professional teachers holding a Diploma or Degree from a recognised academic institution.

Guitar Master Teacher Program