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Music Master Teacher Program

Welcome to the MMTP website. The MMTP is an innovative teacher training program designed to meet the needs of music teachers (specifically guitar/bass/piano/drums tutors) who wish to place themselves on the forefront of their profession by further developing professionally relevant knowledge and experience of teaching practices. To this end, the program sets out to keep music teachers abreast of a range of teaching methodologies, evidence-based educational theories, and music related disciplines. The program is aimed either at proficient guitar/bass/piano/drums players who are already involved in music education, or to those who are planning to start a teaching career.

Course Outline Course Outline
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Our core aim is to present several ways to expand the lens through which we look at instrumental teaching in the twenty-first century. The course argues for a shift of thinking towards unscrutinised common assumptions on what is pedagogically relevant to music teachers in informal avenues of learning. It discusses what constitutes a broad, engaging curriculum and examines assessment procedures in the light of the latest teaching theories and methodologies. Informed by an interdisciplinary approach, it engages with a range of disciplines and fields of enquiry that furnish new models of music education of the profession. Chief amongst these are the advancements in neuroscience, educational psychology, and socio-cultural perspectives. Moreover, the program departs from the traditional ethnocentric approach that resits a re-contextualisation of the pedagogical aims – at times rooted in the habit of hostility amongst methodologies ...

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What is the MMTP?
The M Master Teacher Program (MMTP) is a comprehensive professional development program for bass, drums, guitar, and piano teachers. It is devised for teachers who seek to combine their performing skills with a firm knowledge and advanced understanding of the principles of music education, recognizing such understanding as a the most critical element for developing and maintaining a long and successful teaching career in today’s fast-changing and diverse music culture, and complex interdisciplinary field.

Who is the MMTP for?
The MMTP address teachers who recognize the value of gaining today most innovative educational knowledge on teaching bass/drums/guitar/piano and related subjects; knowledge which is viewed indispensable for entering the contemporary music education sector...

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Music Master Teacher Program

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